I have decided..........  

Posted by: LadyBird

I have decided to make a list of things I want to do, whether they are friviolous or not.

1. travel to paris ( and have enough money to buy stuff, though i hear that the country parts of france are better, and that those in the city aren't fond of bathing but this girl will have to see and smell for her self)
2. travel to venice( I want to go on a gondola, i hear that the city is beautiful, regardless of the smell of the water that venice pretty much resides on)
3.travel to florida, california, aspen, nyc ( i live in canada and have not add the oppurtunity as yet to travel the states so, i want to see those place oh yeah and Hawaii, even though it costs and arm an a leg)
4.get a nice design job that i absolutely love ( yes i know it sounds like fantasy but its my list isnt it?)

There is still plenty of things i would like to do i just have to think of them

5.act in a movie( not the starring role, sorry just not me but maybe the villian, and i have super powers and can leap from tall buildings in stilitoes. yeah man :D)
6. go back to school for a business course or something that im interested in( which i have no idea of at this moment.)
7.Open my own business( im not gonna say what but lets just say it would be interesting , well it would be my interests anyway, pretty much all of them.............umm yeah :D)

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