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The advanced recipe for the face serum. The website that the ingredients can be purchased at is www.skinactives.com I am going to try this recipe out when I get the chance. At the moment I have a whole bunch of recipes waiting for me to try so I'll see when I get there. :)

First, use the recommended quantities. Period.

To 1-2 tablespoons of plain vegetable glycerin, add
Ellagic Acid- antioxidant, cancer preventive, anti-inflammatory, helps improve discoloration

pinch Ferulic Acid- cancer preventive, protects the skin against UVB-induced erythema, skin lightener, increases stability of vitamins C (MAP) and E

1/8 teaspoon of Coenzyme Q10- topical application restores mitochondrial activity, increasing energy production plus minimizing energy needed to make new collagen; antiaging, antioxidant, stimulating active, it will push your skin into “high gear”
Mix thoroughly until all actives are dissolved. If you have difficulty dissolving, microwave for 10-15 seconds and mix, mix, mix. Set aside.

Next, to the Fountain of Youth serum, add:
1/8 teaspoon
Alpha Lipoic Acid** - (aka ALA) essential for youthful cell function; our bodies’ own production dimishes as we age
Beta Glucan- anti-aging, cancer-preventive
Carnosine- accelerates and improves healing. Prevents wrinkles and loss of elasticity brought about by aging and exposure to sunlight, .also an antioxidant and seems to improve immune response
1/8 teaspoon
DMAE** - antioxidant, increases firmness and overall appearance of aging skin
Green Tea ECGC- antioxidant, repair of damage done by UVA radiation, cancer preventive
1/4 teaspoon
Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate- (aka MAP) the “real” ester-C, a stable and soluble form of ascorbic acid, stimulates collagen synthesis, anti-aging, anti-oxidant, anti-acne, skin brightening, decrease appearance of sun spots
1/8 teaspoon
Niacin- relieves itching, controls sebum products, skin lightening effects
Last, add the glycerin-active mix to the serum. Mix thoroughly. Put the mix into a glass dropper-top bottle or other non-reactive liquid dispensing container.

Some of the actives may never dissolve completely, but they will release their active ingredients continuously. If the undissolved ‘grit’ bothers you, strain your serum using CLEAN muslin, cheese cloth, nylon or any fine-sieve strainer.

DIRECTIONS: Use this super-active serum once or twice a day, after cleansing your skin, before you apply your moisturizer and sunscreen, and after 30 days, you will see smoother, brighter, clearer, younger-looking skin.If you experience ANY irritation…
either your skin doesn’t like one (or more) of the ingredients–in which case you should stop using it altogether and toss it
OR your mix is too concentrated–dilute it with some distilled water until your skin can tolerate it
OR your skin is simply adjusting to one or more of the ingredients–use your serum only once a day when you are not using any other products and if the irritation doesn’t subside after 3-4 days, stop using it and toss it

COSTS: The active ingredients is this serum are exactly the same as those found in the most exclusive, expensive skincare products on the market today. What you’ll spend: $87.00, plus shipping. If you don’t have glycerin, you can find it at most pharmacies or grocery stores, about $6 for 4 oz.

BONUS: You’ll have LOTS of the active ingredients leftover, which you can add to most any moisturizer (NOT sunscreen, NOT already-active cream…plain Eucerin, Olay, et al are okay) to make your own super-active skincare cream–way better than the high-dollar stuff at the department stores. Whether you use your mix on your face or body–or both–is completely up to you. But keep in mind with all these actives: A LITTLE BIT GOES A LONG WAY.

**Many people experience mild stinging with Alpha Lipoic Acid and DMAE, especially when they first start using them. However, if the stinging is intense or if you experience ANY redness and irritation, OR if the stinging occurs for more than a few days, STOP USING THIS SERUM.

NOTE: If you have rosacea or sensitive skin, or if you want to avoid the irritation issue, DO NOT USE Alpha Lipoic Acid or DMAE.

AS ALWAYS: When mixing, take extra precautions to wash your hands and be sure to use sterilized mixing, measuring, straining implements and containers.

Face Serum  

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I am very interested in creating or rather making homemade facial care and skin care recipes. For some reason today I had it my mind to make a face serum or rather if I wanted to make a face serum how would I go about that. So I started to google. Yes I do love that search engine. Anyway I found a nice recipe that the blog poster had perfected, It has a basic serum recipe and then an advance part, where there are more ingredients that offer various benefits for you skin. The site is www.natural-beauty-tips.info

DIY (do-it-yourself) Skincare can be fun, easy and best of all, work wonders on your skin…plus, it costs WAY less than those ultra-expensive beauty products, most of which are a bit of a rip-off (and some of which are a complete scam).

The following Fountain-of-Youth serum is one that can be used by itself but it can also act as a base for other active skincare ingredients. Click on the links to purchase the individual ingredients. Distilled water (a must…no tap water, please) can be bought at your grocery store:
1 1/2 tablespoons of distilled water
1/2 tablespoon
seakelp bioferment
1/4 teaspoon
hyaluronic acid
1/8 teaspoon
Germaben II preservative

Optional ingredients include aloe vera juice (substitute 1/2 tablespoon of water) and plain vegetable glycerin (add up to 1 teaspoon).

Seakelp bioferment is a kelp extract containing vital nutrients that feeds your skin. It’s the “magic” Miracle Broth™ ingredient in Creme de la Mer.

Hyaluronic acid (also called hyaluronate or hyaluronan), produced naturally by the human body, is a component of connective tissue whose function is to cushion and lubricate. It’s been nicknamed the “key to the fountain of youth” because it has been noted that some people who ingest a lot of it in their diets tend to live to ripe old ages and also because it provides volume and fullness to the skin.

To mix: stir together the water and hyaluronic acid first and let it set for a few hours to overnight. This mixture will thicken (you can add more or less hyaluronic acid depending on the consistency you prefer), then add the remaining ingredients, adding the preservative last. If you use another preservative, be sure to use one that is water-based or will work in a hydrophilic solution — and that you use the proper amount.

Directions: Apply to your face and neck after cleansing your skin, 1-2 times per day. Moisturize and apply sunscreen over the top of the serum.

Costs: $32 (plus shipping for the actives and Germaben II) depending on what distilled water costs at your grocery store.

Bonus: LOTS of leftover Seakelp Bioferment, distilled water and Hyaluronic Acid that can all be used in other youth-inducing skincare mixes you make yourself.

Please note: When mixing ANY products you put on your face or body, take extra care to wash your hands and use sterilized implements and containers (mixing sticks, bottles, droppers, etc.).

Next time, I’ll recommend different active ingredients to add to the base serum. Each active or group of actives will address different issues, i.e., free-radical protection, collagen building, firmness, and so on.

Next post the advanced recipe

Paula Begoun  

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I am sure that many of you have heard of Paula Begoun the author of "Don't go to the cosmetic counter without me". I have personally seen the books many times and have passed by them thinking that they would be of no help or interest to me.

Having seen t.v. interviews and youtube footage of her, I have since changed my mind. And after visiting her website I am a convert.

Here is one of her youtube videos

You should check out her website it is loaded with tons of information. Information that I will definately being posting here.

Wish List  

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So im going to make this into a separate heading. Where I will post items that are on my makeup wish list.

The first post its Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation. A few of the makeup bloggers have had the chance to create a custom blend that is just for them. I'll post links to a few of them at the end of the post.
A custom formula is created just for you and is tailored to meet your foundation needs for example if you want a mattifier because your skin is oily or if you want the foundation to have moisturizer or sunscreen protection.
It is made just for you, and you also get a nice travel size to take along.
The drawback. The price. You know custom things are never cheap, It costs $65 or so in the states and is probabley much more in Canada. As far as I know they are only available at Holt Renfrew in Canada.
You can also have a custom concealer, blush, lip gloss, bronzer and tinted moisturizer made just for you, all separately priced of course.
Heres the site if you want to check it out.Prescriptives.com
MakeupAlley reviewed it, the response is mixed.
As well as Kiss and Makeup
So did BellaSugar ( you have to scroll down a bit to see the post)
Blogdorf Goodman also had a custom experience.

Summer Beauty Tips, Tricks and Skincare!  

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Once again this video is done by Scandalous Beauty. I think its good information for the summer time.

Common Makeup Misconceptions and Questions by Black Women!  

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This video is done by Scandalousbeauty, you can find her blog here and her youtube page here.

makeup forever

becca cosmectics

Makeup Brush Care  

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I came across this article from EBS about how to clean your makeup brushes properly and I could not pass it by. So here goes:
Let's face it! Professional makeup brushes are an investment. And, like any other investment, we want a great return on that investment. One of best ways to ensure that will happen is proper brush care. One of the best things you can do for your brushes is to clean them - regularly. Clean them when they are first purchased and clean them on a regular basis to remove:
Old makeup
Dirt & debris
Dead skin cells

One of the greatest benefits to keeping your brushes clean is softness! Yes, did you realize that makeup buildup, especially foundation, makes your brushes feel scratchy? If you have sensitive skin, cleaning your brushes regularly will help them stay soft and lush! Your skin will thank you!

How often should you clean your brushes? Ideally, everyday. But, who has time for that? So, here are a few guidelines:
Foundation Brushes - minimum once a week
Brushes used for finishing powders and bronzers - once a week
Blush Brushes - one a week
Eyeshadow Brushes - every 2-3 days
Eyeliner Brushes - after every use especially if you use an eyeliner sealant.

For those that suffer with acne, you will greatly benefit from keeping your foundation brushes clean at all times. To cut down on cleaning time, rotate brushes so you always have a fresh clean one to use.

How to clean your brushes:
First, you want to wet the hairs under the faucet with tepid to warm water with the hairs pointing downwards - this will help prevent any water getting in to the ferrule (metal part) or down in to the handle for brushes that don’t have ferrules.

Next you want to use a mild shampoo, liquid hand soap, pure castile soap or our favorite - California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo & Bodywash. Squirt a little soap on your fingers and apply it to the hairs from ferrule to hair tips. Gently squeeze the hairs from ferrule to hair tips over and over adding a little water at a time. Rinse and repeat until the water runs clear. Make sure when you are rinsing to keep the brush hairs pointing down.

After your brushes have a good bath, brush them off a little on a clean paper towel and lay them to dry on their side on a paper towel or a regular towel. It is also a good idea to reshape the brush at this point in time to prevent splaying. Lay kabuki’s and any other stand-up brush on their side. Never leave them to dry brush hairs up in a brush holder. The water can run down in to the ferrule and loosen the glue holding the brush together over time.

Lastly, let brushes dry completely before using. Dry time will depend on size and brush density.
Keeping your brushes in good condition by washing frequently will provide you with years of beautiful makeup application! Now that's a great investment!

I use QUO brush cleaner. Its a Canadian brand that is from Shoppers Drugmart. It works well for me, but Im going to have to wash my brushes more frequently. Though I am an infrequent makeup wearer.


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I have a few smashbox items, they are okay, I have a dual eyeshadow, blush, single shadow, pink lip liner, pink lipstick,I had, 8 mini lip glosses and I have two full size lip glosses. I love those the most out of all the products that I have from them, they look pinky in the tube but when you put it on, there great. I wear them alone or blended with other colours, they help tune down bright colours and mix up others. They are called "Caption" and "AD". I don't think that they have them anymore but they are great.

I found that they last longer when a base is applied such as a clear balm or other lip colour.

I checked their website and they no longer have those colours, infact they pretty much phased out all the colours I have, I guess that has to happen, with all the trends and such.


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So I have really, really sensitive eyes. If I use something and they dont agree with my eyes, then it feels like i have a lash in my eye or something else. But there would be nothing there. It did take a while to clue in and realize that my eyes acted like that because they didnt like the product.

That doesn't leave me with a lot of choices as to what companies I can use. Currently only Marcelle and Almay come near my eyes.
This post is about Marcelle though. I currently use there eyeliners, mascara and eye shadow. Now for me they are a little steeper than what im used to paying i.e. $1.99 for Bonne Bell mascara. It now costs me about $10.00 needless to say there will be no product hauling, at least not for a while.

I love all the products that I currently use from them, I do wish that the eyeshadows had some more staying power but im sure there are ways to go around that.

I will start with the eye shadow. It can be used both wet and dry.
I have suede which is a taupe like colour and Amazone which reminds me of olive green. The one thing that I dislike about the shadows apart from there lack of staying power is that I have to be careful how I apply it, else I'll end up looking ashy and ashy don't look good on black folk.It just looks bad.

Next is the mascara, I have it in black from the lash extreme series. It does a good job of coating my eyelashes and accentuating them but nothing spectacular which im fine with. I had purchased the dark brown mascara in the ultimate lash series but my eyes didn't gree with it, so it got passed on to my sister, who Im pretty sure as since lost it :D.

Lastly the eyeliners, I have it black and dark brown, the black gives you a wow look and the dark brown is more a smokey subdued eye, I like both equally well. Both are from there Kohl pencil series. And the best part is that neither one irrates my eye. Now all I need to do is wore on my eyeliner techinque for the upper lashes, any suggestions and tips would be appreciated.

Lumiere brushes  

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So I've had the brushes from Lumiere Cosmectics for a while but just now decided to do a review on them. I purchased the 9-pc travelling brush set, it includes a Powder Brush,Blush Brush, Mini Eye Buki (crease) Brush,Small Concealer, Shadow Brush ,Spoolie Brush,Flat Angled Liner Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, Thin Liner Brush, Black Nylon Carrying Bag. I only use three of the brushes as I find the other ones too small excepting the spoolie. I use the powder, blush and buki brush. The size of the bristles as well as the handle of the brush is good. My favourite thing about the brushes is that they are soft they are so gentle on my face and dont feel rough and irratating.
I am going to purchase some more brushes from them in the near future( as soon as I can :D)

I want the flat top buffer brush it is " perfect brush for buffing in your foundation, blending your face colors and for applying bronzers" it currently retails for $14.00 on sale

I want the baby kabuki brush ( I currently have one but I find that it is too rough for my face)

and many more shadesofu has a post review of some of there brushes here.

Mary Kay  

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Big news. Yesterday I bought some foundation and concealer and an oil mattifier. This is the first time that I have actually purchased foundation, not a sample now but actual foundation.

I had gone to a "facial" session with a Mary Kay consultant, it was nice, not something new to me as it was more of us using the cleanser,moisturizer etc.

So after the facial we tried foundation and lip colour. I used the medium coverage foundation bronze 607 it was a perfect fit, it blended with my skin real nice. Mind you it was in the evening so I have to try it today in the day time, which I will because I have an appointment today, and its sunny.

Im a bit scared though as I have never put on concealer and foundation and powder all that stuff and to add to it I dont have the actual supplies so Ill have to use my fingers.

I like that fact that my skin didnt't react to the makeup, and it felt so light, my aunt( who came with me) said that it looked very natural, so for now it's tops

Carrier Oils  

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I have already done a post about some carrier oils but I packed up the post with way too much information so I am going to take each carrier oil and post about it separately so you can get a better understanding.

The first one up is Almond

Sweet almond oil is one of the most popular carrier oils, since it is non-greasy, spreads easily and also is great for nourishing the skin. Sweet almond oil is obtained from the dried kernels of the almond tree. Not only does almond oil help protect the surface of the skin, but acts as an emollient, skin soother and softener while conditioning the skin and promoting a clear young looking complexion ; helps to relieve muscular aches and pains ; helps the skin to balance its loss and absorption of moisture.

It is suitable for all skin types, especially good for dry or irritated skin and helps relieve irritation, inflammation and itching; is greatly lubricating and because it is not an overly fast penetrating oil, it is a good massage medium to use to help spread the oil and essential oil mixture, while still allowing you time to do a good massage before it is absorbed by the skin. Although mostly used on its own as a massage carrier oil, diluting with 10% wheatgerm oil gives a longer shelf life.

Sweet Almond oil is one of the most popular vegetable oils, which is also used in the form of carrier oil or base oil in Aromatherapy. Texture wise, the oil extracted from the seeds of Almond, is a bit oily. The botanical name of Almond is Prunus amygdalus var. dulcus. Sweet Almond has a very light, sweet and nutty aroma. It is absolutely clear in color with a tinge of yellow. Almond oil is an all purpose base oil, which is easily accessible from any retail store specialized in cosmetics.

Rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E. An ideal basic carrier oil, nourishing and protecting to the skin. Calms skin irritation. Can be used on its own or with other carrier oils. Good keeping qualities as it contains vitamin E.

It is further a great moisturizer suitable for all skin types, helps relieve irritation, inflammation and itching, and is greatly lubricating and because it is not an overly fast penetrating oil, it is a good massage medium to use to help spread the oil and essential oil mixture, while still allowing you time to do a good massage before it is absorbed by the skin.

Virgin, cold-pressed sweet almond oil with no additives. An excellent massage oil valued for its viscosity and durability. Good for oily and easily irritated, sensitive skins. Contains vitamins and minerals.

More recipes  

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Heres another set of recipes, its the same thing as the last post, I have to embed the scribd viewer.

If anyone thinks of a way that you can copy and paste the recipes please let me know.

If your join scribd then you can download the recipes, either in pdf or txt. its free to join and they say they wont spam you :)

I just joined it was pretty quick painless.

Read this doc on Scribd: 504 Relaxing Bath and Beauty Recipes

Recipe Jackpot  

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So I was searching for face cream recipes that are homemade, because if your like me you react to pretty much everything. These reactions are fairly new, they started off small, now I might use something that I've used tons of times, but this time I react, my face gets bumpy and itchy. Not cool.

So anyways I was searching and I came across scripid.com that had a whole lot of receipes so I am going to post a few.

Minor problem. It wont allow me to copy and paste so I will put the link for the page up instead

Read this doc on Scribd: 250 Bath Body Recipes

Picture Perfect Makeup  

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Light skin tones

If you love color

Este Lauder MagnaColor Maximum Intensity Mascara in Magna Blue delivers rich color and volume on the darkest of lashes. Hard Candy Lip Sorbet in Passion Play combines juicy hues and high shine with a yummy scent. Stila Lip Color in Juliette complements our skin tones.

If you like to play

with shimmerRevlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Highbeam Tan can be worn alone or over your favorite nude or colored lipstick as a sizzling highlighter. Black Up Iridescent Loose Powder in PLN1 has hints of shimmer that light up the skin. Bourjois Suivez Mon Regard in Mandarin is a lustrous loose-powder eye shadow that leaves a transparent sparkle.

Medium skin tones

If you love color

Biotherm Glossy Shine in Mysterious Plum gives your pout a kiss of color and supershine. MAC Lustre Eye Shadow in Riviera Rose is a gorgeous magenta with frosty specks that warm the eyes. Lorac Oil-free Sheer Wash in Sheer Rapture has an easy roll-on applicator that works for both lips and cheeks.

If you like nude

makeupCargo Cosmetics Bronzer in 03 is an iridescent powder that gives you a day-at-the-beach glow all year long. Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss in Nude boosts your natural lip color while it soothes and protects with avocado, chamomile and jojoba oil. L�Or�al Wear Infinit� Long-Wearing Silky Powder Shadow in Autumn Leaves offers an array of tones to choose from so you can achieve a light or intense nude finish.

Deep skin tones

If you like nude

makeupBlack Up Eyeshadow Palette in Nacr�e PYO3 is a gorgeous cocktail of intense shades that work for a range of brown complexions. MAC Viva Glam V Lipglass gives a terra-cotta kiss to the lips. A sweep of Il Makiage Bronzing Essentials in Suntan warms up the cheeks instantly.

If you like to play

with shimmerBecca Shimmering Skin Perfector SPF 20 in Bronze adds a touch of shimmer while it protects. MAC Pro Gloss in Copper is a shade that works for just about everyone. I-Iman Double Duty #02 multipurpose makeup stick has both matte and creamy color for eyes and cheeks on one end and lip gloss on the other.

from Essence.com

Essence Eyebrows, Eyelashes, Lids etc  

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The Eyes Have It!
Get lash exact with fun, flirty faux extenders or intensify your gaze with beautiful brow enhancers. We show you how to amp up the volume, one sparse hair at a time By Crystal I. Cunningham
Lash Out
Subtle and natural, minimal eye make up like Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Snow makes a soft, sheer statement, but this look can be taken to new heights with natural or faux lashes that stand out. To bring the drama, apply lashes, then curl with BillybBeauty Eyelash Curler at the base of the lash line. Dramatic Eyes
Get Twiggy with it and make a dramatic statement with color and a fantasy of false eyelashes. Recreate this sixties iconic look by applying spidey lashes to the top and bottom. Try Shu Uemura Tokyo Lash Bar, which offers an array of falsies to choose from. Feeling artsy? Apply a thin layer of face paint using a shadow brush. Use Make Up For Ever 12 Grease Paint Case to make a bold statement.
Cat Eye
Fake slanted eyelashes can bring out your inner feline. Achieve this Eartha Kitt inspired style by applying Revlon Fantasy Lengths Maximum Wear Self Adhesive Eyelashes. To get a realistic look, trim lashes to fit. Then, line with MAC Liquid Eyeliner in Boot Black for a sexy, subdued look

Wispy Details

Line lids with an inky black liquid liner like LancĂ´me Artliner Precision Point Eye-Liner at the base to conceal fake lashes. Use Talika Lash Extender for added volume and fill in sparse sections with Diorshow Mascara.

Eye Candy
Play up those dreamy eyes by going for the gold with a dab of Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eye Gel in Arena. Bring on the bling by using flat-surfaced beads, found at arts and crafts stores to create this princess inspired look. Apply Duo Eyelash Adhesive in Dark-Tone to hold beads in place. And who could possibly resist the gold rush without sweeping those pretty peepers with shadow? Apply Clinique Colour Surge Super Shimmer Eye Shadow in Strike It Rich to get the golden touch.

Essence lips for Summer  

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Orange Crush
Blissful orange sets the backdrop for warm, sunny weather. Spice up those lips with a summery hue like Shu Uemura Lipstick in Orange 524.
Red Hot
Perfect those lips with an alluring rouge like Dior Rouge Lipstick in Holiday #863
Glisten Up
Super high pigments can vamp up warm, weather hues. Try, Nars Lipstick in Flaming Dust to define lips.

Fire Engine

No matter what the season, red, saucy lips are always in heat. Go for a soft but bright stained like CoverGirl Continuous Color Lipstick in Really Red.
Gold Rush

Bronze and ultra rich, pucker up those lips with Benefit 24k Sexy Gold Lipstick, to get a soft, matte satin translucent effect. To maintain the shine, apply IMAN Cosmetics Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick in Sheer Gold.