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So I am going to be taking a bit of a break, I've lost the passion you could say, that and Im low on funds :) so I will be back but Im just gonna pause for a minute.


Billy B. Brushes  

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I've seen them before ( okay it was only on the internet, but i would still love to have them :))

"Essential" Billy B from Scandalous Beauty (love that gurl <3)

"The complete" Billy B brushes

Mehron and kryolan  

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Mehron and Kryolan are water activated moist cakes. I see them used as primers for eye makeup sort of like Mac Paintpots, in reviews they are said to be comparable. I see them all the time, in random searches and more and more in blog posts and youtube mentions. So I decided to make mention of them and bring them to your attention, just in case your interested. :)
Xsparkage did a video comparison of the two brands.

HD makeup  

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I recently went to Sephora and tried the Makeup Forever HD foundation.
I colour matched myself so it's possible that I am off. I believe that I am colour 178. What I liked about this foundation is it's in pump format so you have a bit more control of how much product comes out.
I liked how they had models showing the colour of each foundation so you could see the difference between 175 and 175 without your hand being covered in foundation. Again there just to give you an idea of what colour you may be but I liked them.

I also tried the HD powder, it is sooooo soft and smooth and it is very fine, I tried MUFE's kubuki brush. LOVE it. Its so soft i couldn't stop touching it. I ran my hand over it for at least a good minute, No lie :)

Erin from Scandalous Beauty has done a youtube video on applying MUFE HD foundation, check it out.


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Okay so I am experiencing some problems, I have changed my url address a few times ( I was so naive) I thought that It didn't make any difference. How wrong I was.

I have found that posts that were published under the other names will not show up when I try to click on them now, which I am finding very frustrating.

I have tried to make "corrections" or "changes" to the posts but I haven't had any luck with that tatic.

Has anyone experienced this before, any adivce to offer, I would appreciate it.

Thanks :D

Costal Scents how -to video  

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I am loving this,I like that its not dependent on the Alcohol like alot of the other tuts on pressing pigments. I don't know why but the alcohol puts me off but it does.


Chagrin Valley Soaps  

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Its a nice review, I am so interested in purchasing the soaps and other products. The website is