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I dont have much time, cuz I want to go to bed. Hey a gurl needs her beauty sleep. :D Anyways just browsing the many and varied beauty blogs, I can tell you that my blog will never be up there just because I am not that interested in it. Mind you I like make up but I'm not familiar enough with it to write and or spend the money to test products and brushes. And truth I will get lazy so I wont want to write for a while or maybe I'll just want to nude a no makeup look day for like a month. Yeah that's me right there.
But I do love the verstility of make-up the different and varied things you can do, yes I know those words are pretty much the same, just work with me alright. :D
I'll do some searches when I get the chance and post the make up looks that I like, I wont say love cuz I havent worn it.

Money well spent, well maybe  

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So in the last post, I said that I am interested in buying mineral makeup. And well I have, I purchased samples from a few different companies, monave, she space, lumiere, and mewo cosmectics. There samples are fairly cheap they range from $.50 to $3.00 for shadows, blushes and lip gloss. two of which I purchased. Now I am not too sure that it was a bright idea since one of them was clear. Yeah I know very risky :D.

They havent arrrived yet so I havent played with them yet. Though I am very cautious in my makeup and the colours that I wear in general. I stick to neutrals, blacks, greys, whites and small splashes of colour.

When I get them I'll write what I think, and if any of them fit my complexion. Though I do have high hopes for my monave stuff. They have names like brandy and yolanda, yeah there black folk so maybe just maybe I wont have to mix anything together. *fingers crossed*

I want  

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I want some mineral makeup, I was on shadesofu.blogspot.com's blog (yes i know its not linked, but it is in the blogs i like list) anyways to the point. She is a big fan of mineral makeup which i had tried way back in '06 ( man time flies..) I hadnt really liked it at the time simply because the foundations need fit my skin tone and for some reason I had ordered purple, yes purple blush. I'm black why , purple wont even show up on me. So needless to say it didnt work out well, ( i gave them to my mom, her complexion is lighter than mine)

Now back to the point, shes a big fan of mineal make up and she is doing a bang up job of creating a convert out of me, if I didnt have bills to pay I would have purchased how many samples by now. Ahh samples how I love thee. :D There really good for trying things as a oppose to paying full size for something you think sucks, though you can try to return it, but it can become a hassle. Anyways that coupled with my revived interest in natural products is making me lean strongly on the side of purchasing me some mineral makeup. Just not right now though. I do have the websites saved though, so if I want to tempt myself I can. :D

Bed Time  

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Im not going to write much as I am seriously tired, I know its only like 10:41 ( well in my time zone) but I have had a seriously long day, I know im using that word alot :D I was up at 5 today, left for work at 7:30 stopped by the craft store after work, took the bus home, stopped and picked up some life cereal and bran squares ( theyre on sale reg. 3.99 now 1.97 yeah ima pick some up.) then my mom, my aunt, uncle and I went to Ikea. Sorry to say but I really do love Ikea, i could spend soooo much money in that place, actually I have :D, oh but wait it doesnt end there, went to wal-mart after that and then finally home.

I wanted to check out a website that I saw when I was at work shadesofu.blogspot.com it looked reall interesting when I went there and as you may have noticed I added to my blogs I like links. Yeah i know there are soooo many there :D

Now to the tired part, my little brotheres are driving me bonkers, there suppose to be in there bed, and sleeping but are they not at all. But i will be, so went I turn off the lights and go to my soft bed, I better not hear any noise cuz they will ear from me and they wont like it.

The perks of being an older sister. :D


On to.........  

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On to better news, I found this really great site that sells butters (not the cooking kind, the making stuff kind. i.e. body balms and soaps) essential oils, carrier oils, exfoliaters. All kinds of different stuff. When I get the chance I'll post stuff but right now I'm sleepy :D Thank God for allergy medecine :)

Thank God  

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The last two, no three days have been absolutely horrible with a capital H. I lost how much amount of money..............in my room ( well everybody claims that they didnt touch it... yeah right) so its gotta be somewhere. Next i got a serious allegeric reaction from a body scrub that i had used on friday, started satday, got worse on sunday and hit the pain jackpot on monday.

I didnt go to work, yeahhh! but it wasnt any fun to be at home, advil, tynoal, hot compress, cold compress, epsom salt bath, tea tree oil bath. plain bath, regular salt bath nothing worked. I hadnt slept at all on sunday night cuz i was in sooo much pain. well it wasnt all pain but alot of discomfort and swelling.

Did a whole lot of research on the internet, and oh yeah i did an oats bath to ease the itching. it worked. for about two minutes, but I digress. So I did research on the internet and saw a post about Benadryl allergy medecine and cortisone cream for swelling and itching, they werent in the same post. But I put them together.

Now I am better, much better, the swelling hasnt gone down yet, but the itching as stopped which is sooo nice, cuz you know when you itch you make it worse.

hello again....  

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Im not staying for long, just a quick pit stop. Im working on a bunch of things, which is really not the best thing for me to do, since as i start them then lose interest. Yeah i dont have much staying power with things, i am working on that though.
well cheerio for now.