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So I have really, really sensitive eyes. If I use something and they dont agree with my eyes, then it feels like i have a lash in my eye or something else. But there would be nothing there. It did take a while to clue in and realize that my eyes acted like that because they didnt like the product.

That doesn't leave me with a lot of choices as to what companies I can use. Currently only Marcelle and Almay come near my eyes.
This post is about Marcelle though. I currently use there eyeliners, mascara and eye shadow. Now for me they are a little steeper than what im used to paying i.e. $1.99 for Bonne Bell mascara. It now costs me about $10.00 needless to say there will be no product hauling, at least not for a while.

I love all the products that I currently use from them, I do wish that the eyeshadows had some more staying power but im sure there are ways to go around that.

I will start with the eye shadow. It can be used both wet and dry.
I have suede which is a taupe like colour and Amazone which reminds me of olive green. The one thing that I dislike about the shadows apart from there lack of staying power is that I have to be careful how I apply it, else I'll end up looking ashy and ashy don't look good on black folk.It just looks bad.

Next is the mascara, I have it in black from the lash extreme series. It does a good job of coating my eyelashes and accentuating them but nothing spectacular which im fine with. I had purchased the dark brown mascara in the ultimate lash series but my eyes didn't gree with it, so it got passed on to my sister, who Im pretty sure as since lost it :D.

Lastly the eyeliners, I have it black and dark brown, the black gives you a wow look and the dark brown is more a smokey subdued eye, I like both equally well. Both are from there Kohl pencil series. And the best part is that neither one irrates my eye. Now all I need to do is wore on my eyeliner techinque for the upper lashes, any suggestions and tips would be appreciated.

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