Essential makeup brushes  

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1. Concealer Brush: Look for square head to tapered corners, ideal for blending (under eye -square; blemishes-tapered). Long handle, good weight, great for application precision.

2. Foundation Brush: Look for fairly large wide, tapered flat head, ideal for liquid or cream foundations (synthetic bristles okay)3. Large Powder Brush: Look for large, full, rounded brush (dome shape), ideal for loose powder, can also be used for compacts with pressed powder, and loose beads. It can also be use to brush off excess powder.

4. Blusher Brush: Look for full, large head with slight tapering (not as large as powder brush) designed for even distribution and natural looking definition across the cheeks and cheekbone.

5. Eyeshadow Brush: Look for square head, medium to large sized (just under 1/2 an inch width), with slight taper at corners, flat, a bristle head that is firm but soft for the delicate eye area. This brush is designed for sweeping color across eye lids and blending. By using its edge, it can be used for defining eyelid crease.

6. Slanted Brush: Look for a small, narrow, angled, flat brush head with soft but firm bristles. This brush is designed for application of fine lines such as close to your lash line, blending and softening color edges. It also is used for applying powder to brows.

7. Lip Brush: Look for a small, narrow, flat tapered edge brush. Designed for blending lip liner and lipstick applications. Great for blending lipstick colors too ( I always seem to wear two shades to get the color I want.).

8. Eyebrow/ Eyelash Brush: The easiest least expensive of the brushes...
Clean an old, soft bristle tooth brush or mascara wand well, with warm soapy water. This brow brush is perfect for shaping the brows, separating eyelashes and removing and mascara clumps or debris. You can also set your eyebrows with hair spray or gel by applying the substance to the wand/ brush and combing through and shaping eyebrows (of course clean bristles afterwards).

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