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So as I have said in previous mosts I am a MAC fan from afar. Recently in my blog browsing I am noticing the mention of MAC paint pots, which retail for$16.50USD. Now I actually saw them listed before but they were of no interest to me. But then I came across some websites where you can purchase samples of MAC pigments and MAC paint pots and all of a sudden they were within my reach. :)

So they have about 10 regular colours I belive and then the colours that come in there collections, such as Fafi.

Most people from what I have read use one basic paint pot such as "painterly" as a base for their shadows in lieu of urban decay primer potion.

I got this list from a board on that was discussing MAC paint pots for women of colour. This is how one person used the some of the colours
Blackground - for when I want my blues and purples to pop-

Rubenesque - Love using this for a smoky brown/black eye-
Rollickin/Deflt/Otherworldly - I wear teals and blues often so these are invaluable. Otherwordly is great for a really bright look-
Groundwork - excellent for a neutral look-

Perky - this one is okay. I use it for neutral or lighter looks-

Rollickin - Great for purple + Blue looks
Now that is just how one person uses those colours. Christine from Temptalia created a Smokey brown tut using Constructivist paint pot. I love the look. Just love it. Check it out.

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