So Frustrated  

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I am so frustrated right now its not even funny. For the past three days I have been searching for a 35mm empty pan or tin that would fit into a larger makeup palette. Japonesque has one that I really like, unfortunately the wells are 36mm wide so I need a pan that is 35mm wide, try as I may though, I can not find one of that size, if I find something close it has a lip or a "rolled edge" which Im sure would prove to be a problem. I have even tried searching for "Petri Dishes" and while I found some that were the right size the price was not right, at all.

So here I am still frustrated and wandering why companies make empty palettes of that size but don't sell the empty pans, whats up with that? Furthermore where-o-where are they getting them from? I have searched up and down.

If anybody knows where you can purchase empty pans that are 35mm deep with a "sharp" edge and that don't cost an arm and a leg please-o-please let me know.

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