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Many of you have probabley seen the words warm or cool skin tone attributed to a cosmetic product. Warm skin tones and cool skin tones can be broken down a bit more to include, olive skin tones, neutral skin tones and others, for now Im going to stick with warm and cool though.

There are many websites that give you different ways you can check to see what skin tone you are, the one chart that I have seen and that I thought was the simplest to comprehend is this one by 3Custom Colour.

In my researching it has proved difficult to narrow down what skin tone is exactly. In my opinion the best explanation by far is that of as mentioned above 3CC.

Many sites try to define whether you are cool or warm by your skin colour. I will post the chart from 3CC and you can see how they do it. I realize that I refer back to that company alot, but they have the most comprehensive information regarding skin tone that is not contrary that I have been able to find.

(Images courtesy of 3CC)
When I say contrary I mean. One site says that there are more warm skin tone people that cool and another site says visa versa.

Some people also categorize skin tones my the seasons, winter, summer, spring and autumn.
Makeup for warm skin tones (images courtesy of BellaSugar)

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