Skin tones- Redheads and Blondes  

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Carmindy the author of 5 Minute face and the makeup artist for TLC's show What Not to Wear has these suggestions and recommendations for those who are Redheaded or Blonde

Porcelain-skinned redhead
The romantic ideal of alabaster complexions is so alluring. I think of Botticcelli when it comes to these gorgeous women. Yet, a lot of women with this coloring have a tough time finding makeup colors that look best on them. I blame the old mindset that cool pinks (like mauve) are the way to go for redheads. The opposite is true! Soft peaches, coppers, bronzy tones, everything your grandmother was told not to wear will make your skin glow (freckles included) like nothing else!

Look for a sheer white or vanilla tone. Although you will barely see it, the effect will create a subtle "halo" of light that makes your eyes pop.

Choose sable or chocolate browns, toasty taupes, pale golds, peaches, light bronzes, coppers, burgundy browns, eggplants, or khaki greens. Brown mascara looks more natural than black, which can be too harsh against fair skin; this is one of the few cases where I'll say this, otherwise, I prefer black mascara.

Pick peaches, apricot pinks, or light coal shades.

Think peaches and warm pinks, sheer corals, apricots, honey-colored nudes, raisins, and gold-flecked reds.

Beware the invisible brow fuzzies
Who knows why, but if you are super fair, chances are that your brow bone is decorated with baby fine blonde hairs. You may barely notice them, but once you slide on highlighter, they'll show. Keep this in mind when you groom your brows -- work in bright light (sunlight, ideally) and tweeze those tiny guys away.

The freckle factor
Women who have porcelain skin, especially redheads, tend to be blessed with freckles. People associate freckles with youth -- a good thing! They give you a fresh, sun-kissed look. So please love your freckles and don't try to hide them behind concealer. Let them show!


Blondes come in a wide range of skin tones, from porcelain to olive. Colorful shades like pinks and rose bring color to the face and provide contrast.

My favorite shade for blondes is an opal irridescent shimmer. (Opal has a blue-pink oil-in-water glow that shows when light hits it.) It gives the skin a sexy, ethereal look.

Choose shades in cool browns, taupes, bronzes, granite, tawny pinks, pastels, mauves, and plums.

Fast fix
Blondes tend to have eyelashes with blonde tips. If you're in a hurry, simply sweep mascara over the tips for quick, natural definition. For a more permanent fix, get your lashes tinted at a local salon. They use a vegetable dye that is perfectly safe for the eyes, and the color lasts about a month.

Roses, pinks, pinky bronzes, corals, and cool peaches all create a fresh and healthy look on blondes.

Think pink, mocha pinks, peachy pinks, sandy pinks, roses, mauves, golden raspberry, and cherry reds.

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