Skin tones- Brunettes and Asians  

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This one is for Brunettes and Asians again this excerpt is from Carmindy's book The 5-Minute Face


Brunettes have naturally dark eyebrows and lashes that frame and define their eyes, so they can get away with wearing less makeup. At the same time, their typically medium-toned skin allows them to choose from a wider range of colors that women with other skin tones.

Champagne shimmer works best on you.

Play with all shades of shimmering browns, silvery taupes, mochas, golden pinks, gold, bronze, navy and sapphire blues, purples and plums, burgundies, and forest greens.

Choose rose, berries, bronzes, and terracottas.

Wear rose hues, berries, plums, bonzes, golden pinks, browny pinks, shimmering mochas, sheer corals, wines, and true reds. Avoid pastel colors (i.e., any shade that looks like it has white mixed in). These will just wash you out.


Asian women are among the most naturally beautiful in the world. They usually have full lips (the kind the rest of us dream of) and skin that never seems to age. Asian complexions looks best when color is brought to the cheeks and eyes are defined.

Pale pink shimmer looks gorgeous and makes the most of your naturally beautiful skin.

Choose colors in shades of tawny pinks, shimmering taupes and browns, burgundy, vanilla, emerald green, granite, silvery plums, and deep purples.

Wear pinks, berries, plums, and roses.
Fast fix
Save time by turning a cream blush into a two-in-one product. Blend the cream blush on the apples of your cheeks then dab the same color onto your lips for a quick natural look.

Opt for pinks, like raspberry, roses, golden pink shimmers, pinky browns, mauves, deep plum stains, shimmering beiges, and nudes.

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