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So, I have started to test my samples. Ill start with the foundation first. Meow cosmectics was a straight dud, I didnt even have to try it on, to know. All the samples were way too light, So that was a pass. Next up is Lumeire, there warm deep is passable, though when I took a pic I seriously seriously looked like michael jackson, white sheen and all, Even the hair it was so not cool. My monave sample came yesterday and I wore it today it was good, I had a Brandy base with some Yolanda. Now i dont have the exact ratio as I was just eyeballing it and using a mini concealer brush to transfer it. Ghetto. yes I know.

For the eye shadows I absolutely love Meow Cosmetics Vandeleyes: Mugshot it is the perfect nude colour for me. Pretty sure I will purchase a full size one, I mixed in a little Idealeyes: Feroucious feline purrl, just to add a little warmth, it was okay. I still have to play with it a bit.
I have done green eyes, purples eyes and the neutal. I have to be careful though that I dont do too shimmery on my face. Shimmer on the eyes and black folk dont usually gree. It makes us look ashy, which it did make me look ashy.

I bought an eye and lip primer, on sunday, it was okay today, I couldnt really rate it as my eyes were irratating me and I pretty much wiped all the makeup off :D I also used my clean and clear shine control for a primer last week. It was awesome, the eye makeup was still there. Im oily and Ive got creases in my eyelids so the makeup doesnt usually last. I was very pleased with that.

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