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Red eye. In Jamaica you call some one red eye acutally it would be more like red yie, when there lusting after something or jealous. In my case Im lusting after something. Trish McEvoy brushes to be exact. I took out her book "The Power of Makeup" from the library and became interested in her products, mainly her planners and her brushes. The one draw back apart from the price is I dont know if her colours are compatible with darker complexions. Many companies say that the colours will fit all skin types but do they really no, they dont.

This palette is called "The Prettiest" it is in remembance of a former Trish employee who passed away or so the story goes.

This is the power of makeup took kit which retails about $295.00 American. Yeah too bad the Canadian dollar isnt even with it anymore. :(

The petite simple chic double decker palette. Your all in one, I dont know if it comes in different shades for different skin tones but it would be really nice. Unfortuantely her website is under construction, so the only way you can check is to search on other sites.

The reviews for her products vary but one thing that everybody agrees on is that her brushes are worth the cost. I dont think that they are really any more expensive than a M.A.C. brush or a Bobby Brown brush, but hey I haven't bought one from either company so what do I know :)

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