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Hey, it was a snow or it is a snow day today, so my work is closed. Sweet deal. I now have more time to search the net for research and stuff.
Anyways some of my samples of mineral makeup have come in. Lumiere, she space and meow have sent their samples, Im waiting on Monave and silk naturals to send theres. Im hesitant to try them out, I've read tons of great reviews for the products from each company, but theres so much technique behind it that I want to know before I start putting it one. I want to achieve the optimal look with the makeup. Im thinking if I dont use the primer and the proper way to apply concealer then the product might be great but I wont think so because it looks bad on me.
So I am reading up on the techinques and which and which primer most are using or most recommend. I think Im going to use the one recommended by she uses Camilla rose skin smoothing primer. I have checked out camillas website, its pretty low key, but she gets tons of orders so there is a waiting period.
Thinking about it now maybe Ill try and place and order right after this, she does offer sample sizes, so you can try out the primer and see if you like it. Did I ever say that I love samples because well I do.
They allow you to try the product ( sometimes I wish they could give you a little more, but hey they have to make some money no?) without committing to a large size and a large cost which is the bonus. You can see if the foundation is the right shade for you or if you need to mix two shades together, you can do that with the samples.
Ahhh you gotta love them.

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