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So for the last couple posts I've mentioned mineral make-up. I have ordered some samples from various companies whom I've read about in various blogs. My samples from she space came they were all eye shadows. I haven't tried them yet , as I am waiting for my brushes to arrive. Yeah they would be a little help ful no? :D
Anyways it got me to thinking what is the best way to put on mineral make-up. Many posts I have read mention using a primer of some sort, even when its not mineral make-up they mention that. So I searched for application tips for mineral make-up. Most of them are pretty much the same in what they are saying, so I found a simplified version from wikihow.

The steps as per wikihow:

Allow your moisturizer to dry and absorb before applying your makeup.

Apply eye liner next and use your kabuki brush to dust off any powder droppings from your cheeks.

Dab on any enhancers that you may need to specific areas, such as under the eyes. Press fingertip in foundation for a concentrated amount and dab your blemishes to make them disappear.

Apply foundation, blush, eye shadow and mascara. Apply a non-talc rice setting powder if needed.


Always use a non-mineral, oil-based moisturizer that will not clog pores. If your moisturizer does not absorb into your skin, neither will your mineral makeup!

Use a setting powder on eyelids to set shadows and avoid creases.

Use a setting powder as a base all over if you have oily skin...it will help absorb the oil naturally.

With the correct brush, eyeliner will glide on with no gaps. Powder tends to sprinkle, so use your kabuki brush to "pick up" the fallen powder.

Always apply eyeliner prior to foundation so you won't leave smudges from sprinkles.

Using special enhancers such as "polished" will refract light and make your dark under-eye cirles disappear. Also use in the corner of eyes, mouth, etc. to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Foundation should be applied in light layers. If you feel you need more coverage, keep applying light layers.

Brush your blush on the same way you would traditonal makeup, but be sure to use your kabuki brush to avoid outlines and streaking.

Apply mineral eye shadow as usual..lighter colors under brow line and darker colors on the lid.

For those with oily skin, finishing with a setting powder will give extra protection and oil absorbtion and help you obtain a matte finish.

So far this is the simpliest explanation that I have found, though I will continue to search.

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