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I want some mineral makeup, I was on shadesofu.blogspot.com's blog (yes i know its not linked, but it is in the blogs i like list) anyways to the point. She is a big fan of mineral makeup which i had tried way back in '06 ( man time flies..) I hadnt really liked it at the time simply because the foundations need fit my skin tone and for some reason I had ordered purple, yes purple blush. I'm black why , purple wont even show up on me. So needless to say it didnt work out well, ( i gave them to my mom, her complexion is lighter than mine)

Now back to the point, shes a big fan of mineal make up and she is doing a bang up job of creating a convert out of me, if I didnt have bills to pay I would have purchased how many samples by now. Ahh samples how I love thee. :D There really good for trying things as a oppose to paying full size for something you think sucks, though you can try to return it, but it can become a hassle. Anyways that coupled with my revived interest in natural products is making me lean strongly on the side of purchasing me some mineral makeup. Just not right now though. I do have the websites saved though, so if I want to tempt myself I can. :D

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