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Posted by: LadyBird

I dont have much time, cuz I want to go to bed. Hey a gurl needs her beauty sleep. :D Anyways just browsing the many and varied beauty blogs, I can tell you that my blog will never be up there just because I am not that interested in it. Mind you I like make up but I'm not familiar enough with it to write and or spend the money to test products and brushes. And truth I will get lazy so I wont want to write for a while or maybe I'll just want to nude a no makeup look day for like a month. Yeah that's me right there.
But I do love the verstility of make-up the different and varied things you can do, yes I know those words are pretty much the same, just work with me alright. :D
I'll do some searches when I get the chance and post the make up looks that I like, I wont say love cuz I havent worn it.

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