Money well spent, well maybe  

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So in the last post, I said that I am interested in buying mineral makeup. And well I have, I purchased samples from a few different companies, monave, she space, lumiere, and mewo cosmectics. There samples are fairly cheap they range from $.50 to $3.00 for shadows, blushes and lip gloss. two of which I purchased. Now I am not too sure that it was a bright idea since one of them was clear. Yeah I know very risky :D.

They havent arrrived yet so I havent played with them yet. Though I am very cautious in my makeup and the colours that I wear in general. I stick to neutrals, blacks, greys, whites and small splashes of colour.

When I get them I'll write what I think, and if any of them fit my complexion. Though I do have high hopes for my monave stuff. They have names like brandy and yolanda, yeah there black folk so maybe just maybe I wont have to mix anything together. *fingers crossed*

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