Bed Time  

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Im not going to write much as I am seriously tired, I know its only like 10:41 ( well in my time zone) but I have had a seriously long day, I know im using that word alot :D I was up at 5 today, left for work at 7:30 stopped by the craft store after work, took the bus home, stopped and picked up some life cereal and bran squares ( theyre on sale reg. 3.99 now 1.97 yeah ima pick some up.) then my mom, my aunt, uncle and I went to Ikea. Sorry to say but I really do love Ikea, i could spend soooo much money in that place, actually I have :D, oh but wait it doesnt end there, went to wal-mart after that and then finally home.

I wanted to check out a website that I saw when I was at work it looked reall interesting when I went there and as you may have noticed I added to my blogs I like links. Yeah i know there are soooo many there :D

Now to the tired part, my little brotheres are driving me bonkers, there suppose to be in there bed, and sleeping but are they not at all. But i will be, so went I turn off the lights and go to my soft bed, I better not hear any noise cuz they will ear from me and they wont like it.

The perks of being an older sister. :D


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