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The last two, no three days have been absolutely horrible with a capital H. I lost how much amount of my room ( well everybody claims that they didnt touch it... yeah right) so its gotta be somewhere. Next i got a serious allegeric reaction from a body scrub that i had used on friday, started satday, got worse on sunday and hit the pain jackpot on monday.

I didnt go to work, yeahhh! but it wasnt any fun to be at home, advil, tynoal, hot compress, cold compress, epsom salt bath, tea tree oil bath. plain bath, regular salt bath nothing worked. I hadnt slept at all on sunday night cuz i was in sooo much pain. well it wasnt all pain but alot of discomfort and swelling.

Did a whole lot of research on the internet, and oh yeah i did an oats bath to ease the itching. it worked. for about two minutes, but I digress. So I did research on the internet and saw a post about Benadryl allergy medecine and cortisone cream for swelling and itching, they werent in the same post. But I put them together.

Now I am better, much better, the swelling hasnt gone down yet, but the itching as stopped which is sooo nice, cuz you know when you itch you make it worse.

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